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Education Background

About Alpha Institute of Management & Technology Science

Alpha Institute is an autonomous Institute, independent self- financed, a non government organization is an affiliated and accredited internationally . Educational needs for those candidate ‘’working class professional’’, “drop outs candidate’’ & ‘’House-wives’’. Alpha Institute has been offering courses & developing education system which, is through open learning school, open basic education, vocational education, life skills development programs, open distance learning through e-learning mode with an international standard pattern ‘at anytime & at any place’ .Initiative to spread education among the lesser privileged section of population, as well as those professionals, who cannot find time to pursue a course for career development. We are aware of the difficulties that both these segments of population face. The Indian youth are facing serious problems of unemployment and underemployment. Our institute hopes to end this problem and give even these students a fair chance to succeed, without having to leave their homes. We have prepared distance & online learning programs and have a set-up of study centers in places, where good educational facilities are not available. All kinds of study programs are available from our institute. Moreover, the process of admission is much simpler and absolutely nothing to bother about lack of seats. This is the usual advantage of all distance learning institutes.

Aim & Objective

  • The facilities the student learning knowledge, skill & values.
  • To provide academic quality, services, excellence & convenience to students.
  • To provide best quality of vocational training, institute of open schooling, open basic education, professional training, Life skill development courses to the people who are not educated in the regular pattern and develop their skills so that they obtain the necessary employable skills and become self-reliant. Offer all courses the students of the open channel.


  • Development of modern education tools and education technology, smart education.
  • To be recognized as a leader committed to excellence in higher education, research and innovation that meets the aspirations of the global community.
  • Promotion and encouragement of technical, business & management, alternative medicines, yoga, acupuncture therapy and vocational education, open schooling, open basic education etc.
  • To develop & prescribe or offer all courses the students of the open channels.


  • To develop strategic and simplified texts in the field of formal and informal education.
  • To become the reference point for International and National Networks.