Apply for Verification

Anyone can apply for verification of original documents issued by the Institution.

Individual / Companies / Organisations / Officials / Govt. departments / Embassies who would like to verify the authenticity of the academic documents may have to follow this procedure:

  • Please fill up and submit the below mentioned online form.(Or) Write a mail providing email id, postal address, phone number, roll no, course and session to or (For verification)
  • Also attach self attested photo copies of your documents.
  • Normal period of time required for verification 15-30 days. Time may vary from case to case.


  • a) VERIFICATION BY FAX / Telephonic / Normal post / Courier / Speed post / Registered post WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED
  • b) Only Online application for verification will be entertained by the board.
  • c) It will be the sole discretion of the board to accept or deny any application. No other authority will have any control in it.
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